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The Sarthe by Bike

  • La Vallée du Loir à vélo - Sarthe à vélo
  • La Vallée du Loir à vélo - Sarthe à vélo

Did you know?

The Loir Valley is connected to a network of nationally recognised cycling routes, and in particular the ‘Sarthe à vélo’ trail.

Sarthe à Vélo

 The "Sarthe à Vélo" consists of over 400 km of signposted cycle routes through the varied scenery of the Sarthe, lying between Normandy and the Loire Valley.The V44 route linking Alençon to Le Mans and Sablé follows the Sarthe River and boasts a rich cultural and historical legacy. The V44 itinerary Alençon-Le Mans-Sablé-La Flèche follows the River Sarthe in the heart of a rich cultural and historic.


Sarthe à VéloIn the south, follow the ‘Vallée du Loir à Vélo’ around vineyards, châteaux and unspoilt nature. Two alternative routes add to the possibilities for exploring the county’s riches; in the north, a loop takes you through the Saosnois area, while in the south, a loop crosses the ancient Bercé Forest.


Find the detailed route for the ‘Sarthe à Vélo’ on