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Head Chef portraits

Miton the Manager et Naoko, the chef!

People travel for miles to dine here, how do you explain this reputation?

Miton: we have been in Chahaignes for 11 years now, and the address has become well known to many people from the Sarthe and neighbouring counties, not forgetting the Parisians, British, Belgians and Dutch who have settled in the region.

We seek to give our clients an enjoyable time with Naoko’s “home-made” and seasonal cuisine using

local produce (vegetables, cheeses, etc.) and the wines that have always been my passion.

I am very proud of my wine list, as it includes Coteaux du Loir and Jasnières wines from some twenty

winegrowers. I think that most of our clients notice and appreciate our service.

It is of course thanks to our loyal clientele that we are still here, and we continue to offer them a convivial and pleasing place to eat.

A rare "gourmet bistro" style address, it is best to book in advance!

Chez Miton, 15 place de l’église
Tel :


Camille Constantin

Le Moulin des 4 Saisons :

You are recognised by gastronomic guides such as Michelin, Gault&Millau, etc. How have you achieved this level of distinction?

CC: Firstly by discipline at work and by using quality produce. I believe that you must be passionate to do this job. When I meet the producers on the market in La Flèche or elsewhere, I always focus on the idea of introducing our guests to new tastes, new flavours.

I like to produce an eclectic cuisine based on tradition and using seasonal produce.

In the preparation, cutting, seasoning, cooking and search for harmonies, my aim is to enhance the product without distorting it, to do just the necessary, in a way that is my signature.

Every day with my wife Karoline and our team it is as though we enact a play. The kitchens are backstage, then there’s the stage, with the actors in service. I like this idea and working in this way comes naturally to me.

Menu from €22 at lunchtime.

Le Moulin des 4 Saisons
Rue Galliéni
Tel :